Technology is Destroying Marriages

How Technology is Destroying Marriages

The most common excuse for divorce I heard these days is this: “He/She isn’t meeting my needs.”

Whether it be physical, emotional, mental – these needs are found on-line.  Need a date?  Need sex when your spouse doesn’t want to give it to you? Ashley Madison.  Need dinner? Eat24.  Postmates.  Need a ride? Uber.  Groceries?  Instacart.  Makeup?  Styleseat.  Need sex with someone within .25 miles of you? Tinder.

Whatever you want – it’s at your fingertips.  You no longer have to depend on your spouse.  Stay-at-home housewives no longer have to wait for the milk man to bring milk at 10 am.  If she has “needs” between noon-1 pm, when she has to pick up her kids, she can “get her needs filled”, at the right slot.

Men – forget commitment!  Just go on any numerous dating site, and easily get sex.  Or porn! Right at work!

I am sad at this world.  Even though technology has given us many opportunities (I can now work anywhere, all the time), it has stolen our morals and values.

My mother used to tell me marriage, like any plant or living thing, needs to be nurtured.  If you do not water it every day, it will eventually die.

All my clients  – their marriages have died.  If your marriage is suffering – please disconnect from the internet – and connect with each other.


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