My Ex Is Dragging Out Divorce

My Ex Is Dragging Out Divorce

My Ex Is Dragging Out Divorce

Divorce is one of life’s most unpleasant and stressful experiences.

Vows and families are broken.



All bad things.

The spouse who is holding on is not ready to be abandoned.  Maybe they want to use the divorce to punish you.

Our Obsession with Divorce as Punishment

What Can I Do To Speed Up My Divorce?

The longest divorce I have ever handled lasted over 12 years.

The more you fight, the longer it takes.

To avoid being that couple, I highly recommend you stop fighting.

I Don’t Want to Fight, But My Ex Does

I often hear this, but it makes no sense.

The other side may be difficult and unreasonable, but it always takes two to fight.

At the end of the day, if you don’t want to fight anymore, you will do what it takes to reach an agreement – even if it means succumbing to their demands.

You’re Telling Me To Roll Over and Play Dead!  What Kind of Lawyer Are You?

No, I am not.  This is truth: the more you fight, the longer it takes.

You have control over the outcome of your case.  If you don’t agree, keep fighting.

What About Divorce Mediation?

I highly recommend divorce mediation.  It is the best way to handle a divorce case.  If at all possible, mediate.

What If My Spouse Refuses to Mediate?

If your spouse won’t mediate, read this article: My Spouse Refuses Divorce Mediation.

What If My Spouse is Hiding Money?

If your spouse is hiding money, you may not get a “fair” settlement.

I put the word “fair” in quotes, because that word means different things to different people, which is why you guys are in family court in the first place.

Read Fairness in Family Law.

Not getting a fair settlement sucks, but many people opt for this route because it enables them to move on.

Also, 50/50 is nice, but I also believe in the 80/20 Pareto principal, and I apply the 50/20 rule to all things.

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