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Please note that due to the ongoing pandemic, consultations are available via telephone and Zoom only.

We do not currently offer free consultations.

If you and your spouse seek mediation, we offer a complimentary telephone mediation orientation if BOTH of you attend.  We encourage you to pursue mediation, especially if child custody is at issue.

Mediation is a voluntary process and can only work if you two agree to use Kelly a mediator.  The purpose of the Orientation is to answer any questions you have on mediation. It also allows you two to personally assess if Kelly would be competent and neutral, and able to help you resolve your case.  Remember, if Kelly is your mediator, she cannot thereafter represent either of you as a matter of law.  If your spouse/partner does not agree to mediate, mediation probably is not the solution for you.    Please review our Mediation page as well as our FAQ’s on Mediation.  We also have several blog posts on Divorce Mediation.

We do offer a wealth of information on our two blogs.  You can easily search by topic, such as Child Custody, Prenuptial Agreements, Child Support, Spousal Support, or Property Division, and hopefully the posts that pop up will enlighten you.

Finally, we always have compassionate and courteous staff who will listen to you when you call.  However, they are not attorneys, and cannot render legal advice.

If you seek thorough legal advice, please take the time to book a consultation and complete our Intake Form.  The information on the Intake Form will help us prepare what we need before you arrive – such as conflict checks and calculations for support, or assess whether or not a modification has merit.