Goldilocks Theory of Marriage and Divorce

Goldilocks Theory of Marriage and Divorce
Goldilocks Theory of Marriage and Divorce

Goldilocks Theory of Marriage and Divorce

It’s been rumored that 1 of 2 first-time marriages end in divorce (that number increases in subsequent marriages).

Age of Marriage Can Prevent a Divorce

How do you prevent a divorce?  Well, some studies show that the age of marriage correlates with divorce.  Specifically, Nicholas Wolfinger, a sociologist at the University of Utah, studied data provided by the National Survey of Family Growth, to come up with the best age to get married (if you don’t want to end up in divorce): ages 29-32.  This is coined the Goldilocks Theory of Marriage and Divorce.  Too early? Not good.  Too late?  Not good.  Just right? Good.

Best Age to Marry?  29-32

His study concluded that the best age to marry is 29-32.  Apparently, for every year you marry before age 32, your risk of divorce increases 11%.  But for every year you marry after age 32, your risk of divorce increases 5%.  Notice this U-Shape curve on the picture chart.

Interesting!  As a divorce lawyer, I would naturally assume that young marriages are naturally more susceptible to failure.  Blame it on naivete and immaturity.  But I would NEVER think older marriages are also prone to divorce!

Why are older marriages prone to failure?

No one knows.  Maybe because the older you get, the more set in your ways?  Maybe you’re too independent, less tolerant?  Or it could be lack of commitment.  Too many relationships?

Personal Opinion

Personally, I think studies are just studies.  Both my husband’s parents’ and my parents’ marriages were destined for failure (his parents married as teenagers, and mine married in their early 20’s), but both couples have now been married for over 50 years!!!! I also have several friends who married in their mid-30s and 40’s and are still happily married!

And, please don’t marry someone who is clearly the wrong one just because you happen to be dating them between the ages of 29-32.

How to keep your marriage long-lasting is an individual thing  – not one couple can give you an instruction book.   Marriage is a commitment.  Modern marriages face a variety of challenges.  It’s never easy; but you CAN do it – no matter WHEN you marry.


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