Am I Ready for a Divorce?

Are you ready for divorce?

Am I Ready for a Divorce?
“Honor the Space Between No Longer and Not Yet.”

You two just had a fight.  The first thing you should do is call a divorce lawyer!

Wrong.  You should never call an attorney when you’re angry.

First, the consult is rarely productive when you are angry, vengeful and self-victimizing.   Lawyers aren’t therapists.  Productive consults should focus on education of the law and divorce options, not your feelings.

Second, when you’re angry, you are extremely vulnerable to unscrupulous lawyers who will easily manipulate you into paying for expensive litigation you don’t need.

Have You Been Served with Papers?

If you’ve been served, here is what to do.

Before You Call An Attorney, Please Read These Two Articles:

Preparing for Divorce

Things to Consider Before Divorcing Your Spouse Forever

The $64,000 Post About Divorce

Please also take some time to review this checklist of discussion points.
  1. Is divorce the solution to my problems?
  2. Does my spouse know?
  3. How will I tell the children?
  4. Am I prepared financially?
  5. Do I have ready access to our financial information?
  6. What is the process for this divorce?  Do I need a lawyer, or can we mediate?
  7. I am super angry and I have a feeling it will be super-contested.  Is Court the only alternative?
  8. Do I need a lawyer or a mediator?
  9. How can we divide assets when we are not talking?
  10. Do we have a prenup and what does it way?
  11. How do we figure out a workable custody solution (parenting plan?)?  What are the rules?
  12. We own our businesses.  How do we determine a value?
Decision Counseling

If divorce papers have not been filed, and/or you are still living together, in addition to scheduling a consult regarding your legal rights, we also recommend you schedule Decision Counseling with a professional.  Our office works with several Mental Health Professionals who provide this service.


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