Quarantine Publications

Quarantine Publications
“The Worst Thing You Write is Better than the Best Thing You Didn’t Write…” – Anonymous
What is Quarantine Publications?

Quarantine Publications publishes non-fiction Family Law books, as well as children’s fiction books.

Family law attorney Kelly Chang Rickert founded Quarantine Publications during COVID-19.

Productivity In Isolation

Shakespeare allegedly wrote King Lear during the bubonic plague.  Victor Hugo wrote “Les Miserables” during self-isolation.

Our every day lives are often littered with noise from obligations – work, family, pick-ups, drop-offs, exercise, cooking, cleaning, self-care.  Quarantine blessed us with silence and time to focus on writing.

In today’s environment, everyone has a story to tell.  (Just log onto Facebook and Instagram!)

If you have a manuscript, we would love to from you!

Send us an email at  quarantinepublications@gmail.com

List of Books Published

Protecting Yourself From False Accusations

Two Adventures with Mom and Dad

Hope’s Broken Snow Globe

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