Celebrity Prenuptial Agreements: Good Bad and Ugly

Celebrity Prenuptial Agreements: Good Bad and Ugly

Celebrity Prenuptial Agreements: Good Bad and Ugly

I googled all these prenups and summarized what I found in one post.  You’re welcome!

J Lo and Ben Aflleck

Remember this weird couple?  Apparently they didn’t marry because J Lo wanted Ben to sign a prenup with a “no-cheating” clause.  No deal, said Ben.

Tony Romo and Jessica Simpson

Allegedly, Tony wanted to punish Jessica for every pound she gained.  Jessica must pay Tony from her separate property $500,000 for every pound over 135 pounds.  They never married.  Good call, Jessica. I’d NEVER marry a man who insisted I pay him for every pound I gain.  Ridiculous.

Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren

Their initial prenup allegedly gave her $20 million.  After he cheated, he agreed to pay her $5 million to stay, and upped the original 20 to $55 million.  She stayed, then she divorced him and got the $110 million.  (This is arguably promotive of divorce).

Ice T and Coco

If they divorce, Ice T gets to keep Coco’s breast and butt implants.

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie

If Brad cheats, Angie gets sole custody of kids (probably not enforceable).

Jay Z and Beyonce

Beyonce gets $5 million for every child she bears, and $1 million for every year of marriage up to 15 years.

Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel

Apparently, Justin needs to pay Jessica if he cheats.

Who knows if any of this is real? Or enforceable?

I doubt many of these are enforceable.  See how can I guarantee my prenup is enforceable?

Speaking of Unenforceable Prenups…

I recently reviewed a prenup which provides that if the wife breaks up with the husband she agrees to assist him in finding a new girlfriend who is of “equal and greater physical and spiritual beauty” as wife.

“TARZAN has expressed concern that, in the event JANE terminates their relationship, that he will no longer enjoy the fruits of their relationship, i.e., companionship, support, someone to act as a hostess for social events, etc.  In order to address these concerns, JANE agrees that she will, despite the termination of their relationship, agree to assist TARZAN in restoring him to the position he once enjoyed during their relationship by helping TARZAN secure a romantic relationship with someone with equal and greater physical and spiritual beauty as JANE”.

It’s kind of a sweet sentiment, but also makes me vomit.  Good thing the prenup had a severability clause, so the ENTIRE thing won’t be tossed.

That concludes Celebrity Prenuptial Agreements: Good Bad and Ugly!

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