Marriage is Grand. Divorce, a Hundred Grand

Marriage is grand. Divorce a hundred grand

Marriage is Grand. Divorce, a Hundred Grand

Marriage is grand.  Divorce, a hundred grand!®

This is my trademark! It’s truth.  Divorce is expensive in many ways, financially being the least of your worries.

Enjoy the merch.

I recently appeared on Jason Tartick’s podcast, Trading Secrets to discuss all things divorce.

Listen to the episode!


If you don’t have 1 hour, here is the summary.

This World Glorifies Divorce. Stop Listening to the World!

In the episode, Jason revealed 2.9 of 1000 people are divorced.   That’s a lot!

Divorce should only be done in the rarest of circumstances (abuse, addiction, adultery).

But even so, I believe it has to be the LAST resort.

Every day, I see people advertise their services for divorce – attorneys, forensics, realtors, evaluators…every one wants a piece of someone’s misery.

It’s sad for me to see so many glorify and capitalize off divorce.

Marriage is a Covenant

Marriage is a covenant.  With your spouse, and with God.  Marriage takes three.

It is not a temporary arrangement whereby you easily end because “you fell out of love”.

I was questioned about the rate of divorce.  It is because people don’t understand God’s definition of marriage.

The world is always changing.  Marriage has been defined and redefined by this world.  Don’t enter it lightly.

Child Support v. Spousal Support

Child support is support of children.  Spousal support (alimony) is support of spouse, paid to spouse.

Read more here: What’s the difference between child support and alimony?

Even if you don’t have children, you could be ordered to pay alimony.

Tom Brady will probably have to pay child support if he doesn’t have the kids, even if Gisele is worth more than him.

Get a Prenup

With a prenup, you can avoid community property and spousal support, and carefully define how you want the law to apply in your marriage.

You Already Have a Prenup

If you don’t sign your own prenup, you are subject to the “default prenup”, which is the state law under which you divorce.  If you don’t like it, change it!

Trading Secret

Work on your marriage!  Working on the marriage is the best way to save money.

Don’t waste money on lawyers, evaluators, forensics, and other silly players.

Find a higher purpose outside of yourself.

Marriage is truly a blessing.

I would do anything – give up my CAREER – to save my marriage!

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