Elon Musk Sued for Wrongful Termination Sexual Harassment

Sexual Harassment Lawsuit Against Elon Musk SpaceX

Elon Musk Sued for Wrongful Termination Sexual Harassment

Eight Employees Sue Elon Musk For Wrongful Termination

The Complaint is here: Hostile Work Environment Lawsuit Against Elon Musk

The Complaint alleges that 8 employees were terminated after they stood up to Elon’s “hostile work environment” in a letter.  The letter was attached as Exhibit A to the Complaint: Exhibit A Elon Musk Lawsuit.

Attorney Statement

Plaintiff’s attorney Laurie Burgess, said this:

“Musk thinks he’s above the law. Our eight brave clients stood up to him and were fired for doing so. We look forward to holding Musk accountable for his actions at trial.”

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