Los Angeles County Issues Stricter “Safer at Home” Order

How California Courts are Responding to COVID-19 Issues

Los Angeles County Issues Stricter “Safer at Home” Order

Los Angeles County Issues Stricter “Safer at Home” Order March 21, 2020

This Order supersedes the previous Safer at Home Order 2020.03.19., which was folowed by Governor Newsom’s executive order on March 19, 2020.

The new Order covering Los Angeles County is located on the County of Los Angeles Public Heath Website.  

All Businesses are Ordered SHUT, except for exceptions

Under the new order, all businesses except those defined as Essential Businesses in paragraph 13 of the Order are ordered SHUT down.

Essential businesses are defined as:

(a) Grocery stored, certified farmers’ markets, supermarkets, convenience stores and such;

(b) Food processors, confectioners, food packagers, and such;

(c) Organizations and Businesses that provide food, shelter and social services and other necessities of life for economically disadvantaged, gang prevention, DV and homeless shelters;

(d) Newspapers, television, radio, media

(e) Gas stations, auto repair, bike repair

(f) Banks, credit unions, financial institutions;

(g) Hardware stores, nurseries, building supply;

(h) Plumbers, electricians, exterminators, janitorial, handyman, funeral home, moving services, HVAC, carpenters, vegetation, tree maintenance, gardeners, landscapers, property managers,private security personnel and such;

(i) Mailing and shipping services, including USPS

(j) Educational institutions for purposes of facilitating distance learning, providing meals, etc.

(k) Laundromats, dry cleaners, laundry service providers;

(l) Restaurants ONLY for delivery and pick up

(m) Businesses that supply office or computer products for people who work from home;

(n) Businesses that supply other Essential Businesses with support or supplies;

(o)Businesses that ship, truck, deliver (like Amazon, Instacart, etc)

(p) Airlines, taxis, ride sharing to provide activities of daily living authorized;

(q) Businesses that manufacture parts and provide services;

(r) Home-based care for seniors, adults, children or disabled;

(s) Residential facilities or shelters;

(t) Professional services, such as legal or accounting when necessary to assist in compliance;

(u) Military Defense Contractors;

(v) Childcare facilities but with mandatory conditions listed;

(w) Hotels, motels, shared rental units;

(x) Construction workers

All Public and Private Gatherings of Any number are Banned.

No playdates!

Nail and Hair Salons are Ordered Shut

Personal grooming services are deemed “non essential”.

Golf Courses are shut

No golfing.

Drive-Through Movie Theatres also shut.


Violation is a Crime Punishable by Fine, Imprisonment or BOTH.

Violation of Order is a Misdemeanor under California Health And Safety Code � 120295. Violation of Section 120130 or Chapter 3_,and Los Angeles County, CA Code of Ordinances, punishable by fine, imprisonment or both.

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