Forgiveness and Divorce

Forgiveness and Divorce

Forgiveness and Divorce

Realize that People are Broken

No one is perfect.  No one.  Understand that people will disappoint you, especially those you have come to trust and love.

We all will face hurt and pain in life, but what harms us more than this inevitable pain is the failure to forgive.

Learn to Forgive

Forgiveness is not letting the person who hurt you “off the hook”.  Forgiveness is for YOUR good.

Studies suggest that those who don’t forgive are subject to high blood pressure, depression, anger, stress, and anxiety.

When we forgive others, we’re letting go of any poisons that could hurt us.

The 50:20 Rule

In divorce, everyone is always seeking 50/50.  Of everything!  Custody, property.

But more important than the 50/50 rule is the 50/20 rule.  Know that that is?

It comes from Genesis 50:20, where Joseph says to his mean brothers, “But as for you, you intended evil against me; but God intended it for good, for the saving of many lives.”  Genesis 50:20.

Forgiveness and Divorce

Remember, there is no winning in divorce.

The most important thing isn’t that you get 50/50 of everything.

The most important thing is that you eventually can move on from the darkness.

Forgiveness can achieve that.

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