Wedding Planning Includes Prenup!

wedding planning includes prenup

Wedding Planning Includes Prenup!

Before you marry, learn the law regarding marriage in your state!

You Already Have a Prenup

If you get married without a prenuptial agreement, the law in the state you eventually divorce will dictate the division of your property, and the amount and duration of support you get.

The law is your default prenup.

Marriage and Money

This is 2024.  Women have their own bank accounts.  Women make up more than half of the work force.  With inflation, nearly EVERYONE must work to sustain a family.  Gone are the days of one-supporter households.

Learn about money before you marry.

If You Don’t Have a Prenup

California is a community property state (see Community Property is Not Fair; Get a Prenup).  This means all assets AND debts acquired after the marriage are community.

Sounds good?


Do you want to be liable for half the debt acquired in marriage?  (Ask any client whose ex charged $78,000 at Neiman Marcus).

Yes, even though his name was NOT on that credit card, and he did not even know that card existed, it was still community debt, for which HE was 1/2 responsible for in the divorce.

Half of Everything

Another misguided statement I love hearing is, “But I get half of everything if I don’t sign the prenup!”

What does this even mean?  Half of zero is…


In my opinion, the BEST reason to get a prenuptial agreement prior to the marriage is the COMPLETE disclosures you’ll need to exchange.  You need to put everything on the table.

Always Strive to Be an In Spouse

It is very difficult (impossible) to represent an outspouse.  Not only because they cannot afford your serviecs, but because the lack of knowledge makes the process more arduous.

Hiring a divorce lawyer is like hiring a CPA for your taxes.  The CPA does taxes based on information you provide them.  They cannot do it without information.  Same with divorce.

As such, there are different considerations in representing the in-spouse and out-spouse.  

Wedding planning includes prenup!  Be sure to check out all the articles on prenuptial agreements here.


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