Prenups Protect Against Expensive Divorces

Prenups protect

Prenups protect against expensive divorces.

Get Rid of the Unknown

Prenups protect against the unknown.  When you hire a lawyer, you are paying for knowledge.

One of the reasons divorces are expensive is the lack of knowledge of one, or both parties.

Prenups require full disclosure.  A carefully drafted prenuptial agreement sets forth the parties’ assets and debts.  It also dictates what is to be separate and what is to be community.

The less you need your lawyer, the less expensive it is.

Less Work For Your Attorney

Prenups protect against unscrupulous divorce lawyers.

Lawyers bill by the hour.  The more there is to fight about, the more they bill.  The more work they need to do uncovering and ascertaining your assets and debts to divide, they more they bill.

Enter a crisp, clear prenuptial agreement, signed before marriage.  It thoughtfully and meticulously sets forth your rights and obligations, clearly marking what’s separate.

No room for error.  No churning time for lawyers!

Don’t Waste All Your Assets on Lawyers

Most people presume they’re getting “half” in a divorce.  Half of what?  That’s the real question.

If you have a million, divide it with your ex, and you get $500,000 each.

If you don’t know how much you have, you and your ex will each spend $100,000 paying lawyers, leaving you much, much less.

Prenups Protect Against Expensive Divorces!

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