Christmas Book For Children of Divorce

Hope's Broken Snowglobe Sale
Christmas Book For Children of Divorce

It goes without saying that holidays are the hardest those first years after separation.

Especially for children.

2 years ago, I wrote a Christmas book, Hope’s Broken Snow Globe, to address some of the emotions that come with holidays and divorce/separation.

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God has blessed this book.  It has won the Reader’s Favorite 5-star award, as well as Story Monsters Approved award.

It also won the Literary Titan Gold Award.

Hope’s Broken Snow Globe Summary

It’s the first Christmas after her parents’ divorce.

Helping her Dad decorate for Christmas this year, a little girl named Hope finds a broken snow globe.

She recalls the shouting and yelling shortly after she broke the snow globe last year.

Shortly thereafter, her mom and dad stopped living together.

Hope is convinced she can bring her parents back together if she can repair the snow globe.

In the end, her courageous efforts at repairing the broken snow globe helped her achieve acceptance of her new family arrangement.

Why I Wrote This Book

Holidays after divorce or separation can be very hard on children.

This book was written for them.

The story is intended to reassure them that none of this is their fault, and though there may be different living arrangements, both Mom and Dad still love them, and always will.

Book Reviews
Literary Titan

Hope’s Broken Snow Globe by Kelly Chang Rickert is a heartfelt and honest story about a young girl named Hope, who is learning to cope with her parent’s divorce. It’s a story about love, family, and how difficult it can be for kids when their parents decide they can no longer live together.

Since Hope is young, she doesn’t fully grasp the full reasoning behind her parents’ divorce and believes the actual reason is because she broke her family’s snow globe last Christmas. With this in mind, Hope sets out on a personal quest to repair the broken snow globe, with the expectation that this will also repair her family.

I really enjoyed this book, and especially loved the physical representation of Hope’s parents’ divorce as “broken,” like the snow globe. The story offers a great comparison for children, so they visually understand the message of the book in the most relatable way. The book’s illustrations were warm and comforting, which I found to reflect the overall spirit of the story.

Hope’s Broken Snow Globe is an exceptional holiday story. It’s an emotional but important read for children and a great way to start the conversation about separating families. This book is a wonderful way of facilitating helpful and healing communication about a difficult topic, and I think it will be a great addition to your home library.

Children’s Literature Reviewer Mary Lanni

The beginning of the Christmas season is supposed to be a time of joy and love, but for a young girl named Hope, Christmas reminds her instead of the family she lost.

Last year, Hope’s parents decided to divorce one another, and Hope feels their separation stemmed from when she accidentally broke a treasured snow globe.

This year, Hope will do whatever she can to repair the snow globe in an effort to bring her parents back together again.

Thanks to help from a kindly old man and support from God, Christmas morning becomes a positive memory once again.

Divorce is difficult for the children caught in the crossfire, and Hope reflects many of the feelings experienced by children in this situation.

A straight-forward narrative highlights some of the sadness and desperation Hope feels when repairing her parents’ relationship is not as easy as she would like it to be, echoing sentiments children in similar circumstances are likely to share.

Colorful, expressive illustrations bring Hope’s journey to life, making Hope’s emotions and experiences palpable for the reader. Soft lines and Anime-like faces enhance the feelings shared by the characters in the book, and the presentation reflects a visual representation of Christmastime.

Best suited to elementary school-aged readers due to its length, this is a helpful tale for children in two homes who could benefit from an empathetic voice.

This story is one that speaks to children of divorced parents and offers a positive reminder that even if parents are no longer together, their love for their children remains the same.”

5.0 out of 5 stars Child Focused – Best interest Attorney Approved

A divorce hits divorcing families as a whole – moms and dads and children as well.

Every child, regardless of age, is affected by divorce, to some extent. Young children believe they were the reason why mom and dad are not together.

A snow globe, more accurately a broken snow globe is an excellent metaphor to describe how this kid’s world has forever changed. A broken snow globe can not truly be fixed, and honestly can not be replaced.

Kudos to the parents in the book for stepping up and helping be present for their daughter in her time of need. A kids-focused approach is the best approach to help transition from battling ex-spouses to effective co-parents!

Family Law Attorney Matt Sossi


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