Why Lawyers Won’t Sign A Prenup Template

Why Lawyers Won't Sign A Prenup Template

Why Lawyers Won’t Sign A Prenup Template

These days, you can get anything online.  Prenup template?  Check.

Be Cautious of “Template” Contracts

First off, the law isn’t the same everywhere.  Japan is different than Poland.  New York is different than Oklahoma.  The biggest problem I have with these websites is that they are doing one of the following:

    1.  Incorrectly presuming the law is the same everywhere, OR
    2. They are using GENERAL templates which do not provide for specific relief in your specifc situation.
Be Wary Representing Yourself

Abraham Lincon once said, “He who represents himself has a fool for a client.”

This Guy (a Lawyer) Drafted His Own, and Prenup Was Thrown Out

Check out this case where this guy, Matthew (a lawyer) drafted his own prenup and represented himself.

In their divorce, it was his wife Claudia that wanted the prenup to be good.  (The prenup provided a life tenancy for her and the kids).  Unfortunately, it was thrown out.  If you are considering drafting a prenup without lawyer, please read this case.

Most Attorneys Will Not Sign Off on a Prenup Template

For the same reason a surgeon won’t sign off on surgery you performed on yourself, neither will a lawyer on the prenup you did.


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