Good Words To Use In Custody Hearing

Good Words to Use in Custody

Good Words To Use In Custody Hearing/Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

Your Child is Not Property

The primary thing you must remember is that your child is not property.  Unlike household furniture or a bank account, children do not get “divided”.

Most courts today believe that in a separation or divorce, it is in the child’s best interests to have “frequent and continuing” contact with both parents.

After all, it’s the adults’ divorce.  NOT the child.

Stop Asking For Sole Custody: Children are Not Property

Best Interests of Child

With that in mind, you must always remember in Court, it is about your children.  Not you.  Not your ex.

Best interest of your child.

Status Quo

The Courts are very concerned about keeping the children in stable situations during this volatile time.  Most of the time, status quo is the single biggest factor in determining custody.

Read here: Status Quo and Custody

Child’s Schedule

Because status quo is so important, the Courts care most about the children’s schedule.  Not yours.  Not your ex.


Learn how to co-parent.  Your ex is difficult?  Try reading this article: Co-parenting with a Difficult Ex.


This is super important.  A family in two different homes means a whole of planning and scheduling.

Flexibility is key.

Step-Up Plan

If there is a baby involved, immediate 50/50 is not good!  Babies mainly sleep.  If you want to argue this point, I suggest you read this article before getting reprimanded by the Judge.

What is a Step-Up Parenting Plan?

Our Child

OUR child.  OURS.  Not MY child.



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