Social Media and Divorce

Social Media and Divorce

Social Media and Divorce/Photo by Ketut Subiyanto from Pexels

Social Media Causes Divorce

I have been a divorce attorney for over 2 decades, and I can tell you with anecdotal certainty: social media causes divorce if you’re not careful.

If you’re the type that likes numbers, just google “Social Media and Divorce”.  Several studies have seen that 1 of 7 divorces are caused by social media.  I bet that number is actually higher.

Primarily, I think social media feeds these 3 monsters:  Addiction, Distraction and Unrealistic Expectations.


Our addiction to technology is real, just like any other addiction, be it alcohol, opiates, pornography, gambling, shopping.  It is an instant high that temporarily cures your thirst for connection.  But the problem is, true connection requires an intimate relationship – which can only happen when you spend valuable time together.

Addiction to social media can push an already struggling couple towards divorce.  Quite honestly, if your marriage is struggling, I would think a couples therapist would probably tell you to get off social media and work on your marriage.


Distraction is also bad for marriage, leading to divorce.  The problem with the instant “hit” is that it is all day, and continuous.  Unless you have an extremely disciplined system for controlling your social media (and you don’t violate your Screen Time by giving yourself more time, over and over again), the little distractions during your intimate time together will destroy your marriage.

Put your phone away when you’re with each other.

Unrealistic Expectations

Social media works like this: snapshots of a perfect life.  It is plainly advertising.  I have seen couples post long love odes to each other, eating each other’s faces…only to find one of them sitting in my office a few weeks later, crying about how they’ve been cheated on.  Or they “fell out of love”.

What you see on Facebook is NOT their true relationship.  In my experience, the couples who repeatedly insist on posting their most intimate moments on Facebook have a great risk of failure.  Keep your relationship sacred and private.

In addition, I’ve had potential clients in my office crying about how their spouse just isn’t like Mr. Perfection or Mrs. Perfect Housewife, like their friends’ husbands and wives that they see on Facebook.

Really?  Yes!  People compare their marriages and spouses to what they see, which is not real!

Social Media Discussions Prior to Marriage

Before you marry, PLEASE discuss your social media habits and tolerance.  I am serious.  ESPECIALLY if one or both of you is an avid poster.

Social media prenup clauses are on the rise.  You may want to consider one.

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