Stay at Home Moms and Prenups

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Stay at Home Moms and Prenups

Stay at home moms absolutely need prenups.

You are doing hard work at home raising a family and sacrificing your career.  Without you, your family would need to hire housekeepers, launderers, chefs, childcare, drivers, teachers, nurses, and chauffers.

In 2023, this website says stay at home moms are worth $184,820 per year!  Here is a great tool to calculate your mom worth.

Protect yourself with a prenup!

Separate Property STAYS Separate If Never Co-Mingled

Many think if they marry rich, they get “half” of whatever that rich person gets during marriage.  That is only true if they continue to acquire during marriage.

Everything acquired PRIOR to the marriage (which is never co-mingled), STAYS separate.

You can very well marry a rich person who doesn’t earn one penny during marriage.  In the divorce, you will get nothing.  In fact, if you work during the marriage, you may end up paying them alimony!  Crazy!

Community Property Laws Only Apply to Community Property

Separate property stays separate.  You only get “half” of community.

Only 9 states currently have community property law.  I personally don’t think community property is “fair”.

What IS Half?  Full Disclosures are Mandatory with Prenup!

What is half?  How much am I waiving?

A valid prenup requires full financial disclosures.  Seeing the big picture will give you bargaining power to negotiate for things like separate gifts.

Negotiating Gifts

If your fiance is asking you to waive community property, and you have full disclosures which give you bargaining power, you can always ask for gifts that will be separate property to you during marriage.

Gifts may include may include cash, stocks, retirement accounts, jewelry, real estate, vehicles and/or other assets that will be awarded to you as separate property if you are later separated or divorced.

Prenup Can Provide For Alimony

Spousal support, or alimony, is dependent on many factors, including marital standard of living, financial cirumstances at time of separation or divorce, and state that you live in at the time of divorce.

Alimony is NEVER guaranteed unless you have it in writing.

A prenup is an opportunity to negotiate guaranteed alimony.

For more information, review Prenups Not Just for the Rich.


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