Bragg and Biden Hit With FEC Complaint For Illegal Election Interference

Bragg FEC Election Interference Complaint

Bragg and Biden Hit With FEC Complaint For Illegal Election Interference

Formal Administrative Complaint Filed

Today, America First Legal (AFL) filed a formal administrative complaint with the Federal Election Commission (FEC) against New York County District Attorney Alvin L. Bragg, Jr. and Joe Biden’s principal campaign committee, Biden for President, for violations of the Federal Election Campaign Act.

Read the Complaint: AFL-v-Bragg-Biden

Bragg’s Hush Money Prosecution Was Coordinated with President Biden

America First Legal’s website reads:

The available information indicates that Bragg’s hush money prosecution was “coordinated” with President Biden, i.e., it was made “in cooperation, consultation or concert with, or at the request or suggestion of” Biden.

Effectively, Bragg acted “in cooperation, consultation, or concert, with, or at the request of” Biden to influence the 2024 presidential election.

Without denying the existence of communications between the Biden DOJ and Bragg’s District Attorney’s Office, Attorney General Merrick Garland refused during a congressional hearing to commit to turning over communications between the DOJ and Bragg’s Office.

The overall record in these matters — including Colangelo’s “jump-starting” of the case, Garland’s refusal to disclose communications between his Department and Bragg’s office, and the Biden campaign’s press event and statement immediately after the trial and conviction — indicates that Bragg’s hush money prosecution was made to harm President Trump’s 2024 candidacy and would not have been made absent President Trump’s status as a presidential candidate.

Because the available information supports a conclusion that Bragg’s prosecution of President Trump was coordinated with President Biden and made to influence the 2024 presidential election, it is a “coordinated expenditure” under the Act resulting in an in-kind contribution by Bragg to Biden and the Biden Campaign.

Under the Federal Election Campaign Act and FEC regulations, Bragg contributed in excess of the $3,300 per-election individual contribution limit, which the Biden Campaign knowingly accepted.

The outlined information indicates that the Biden Campaign violated its disclosure obligations under the Federal Election Campaign Act when they failed to publicly disclose required contribution information in connection with the Bragg prosecution as a “coordinated expenditure.” A coordinated expenditure must be reported as both a contribution received by and an expenditure made by the authorized committees of the candidate with whom the expenditure was coordinated.

Because the Bragg prosecution was a coordinated expenditure, the Biden Campaign had to report it as a receipt from Bragg, including the date, amount, and purpose of the in-kind contribution.

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