Mediate Your Prenup

Mediate Your Prenup

Mediate Your Prenup

A wise person once said, “Marriage is NOT 50-50.  Divorce is.  Marriage HAS to be 100-100.”

If you are newly engaged, congratulations!

If one or both you have prior children, or assets, or debts, it’s a good chance to give this marriage all you have got with a prenup.  TOGETHER.

No More Stigma

That’s right.  In the past, “prenuptial agreement” is such an ugly word conjuring up images of stronger, more powerful spouses bullying the poorer, needy, willing-to-sign-anything-for-love spouse.  That doesn’t start the marriage off right!

Let Prenups Strengthen Your Marriage

There are lots of reasons prenups can strengthen or destroy a couple.  Opt for the former.  Instead of traditionally hiring a lawyer to prepare a prenup to “send to the other side”, choose to mediate, or find a collaborative legal team.

Mediate Your Prenup

If both of you are on board with getting a prenup, I recommend that you hire a mediator who will help you reach an agreement.  Please note that you both still need separate attorneys – a mediator CANNOT represent either of you.

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