How to Be Happy in Your Marriage, Your Life, Always

How to be happy in your marriage and life

How to Be Happy in Your Marriage, Your Life, Always

Every year, I share this video to remind you what true happiness is.  It isn’t a ME thing.  It’s an OTHERS thing.  Growing up, I was a Sunday School Teacher.  I always loved teaching the lesson on JOY.

What is JOY?






The world we live in is sad.  Consumerism and Materialism focus on acquisition. The advertisements promise that you drive their car, or buy their purse, or gadget, your life will be happier.  It’s actually quite the opposite.  The more you buy, the more you want.  The secret to life isn’t acquiring more.  It’s giving of yourself.

Sheryl Crow said it best: “I don’t have digital.  I don’t have diddly squat.  It’s not having what you want.
It’s wanting what you’ve got.”  “Don’t have no master suite.  But I’m still the king of me.  You have a fancy ride, but baby, I’m the one who has the key.  Every time I turn around I’m looking up, you’re looking down. Maybe something’s wrong with you.  That makes you act the way you do.  Maybe I am crazy too.”  ” I’m gonna soak up the sun.  I’m gonna tell everyone. To lighten up.”

If you can apply this to your divorce, you will be far happier.  I know you are hurt and winning means killing the other side, even if means spending all your money on lawyers.  When you are hurt like this, hiring a pitbull lawyer will make it worse.  Did you know that pitbulls are on the list of dogs most likely to bite and hurt humans and children?  Same with lawyers.   If you are going through a divorce, please do not hire a pitbull lawyer.  You will WANT to.  It’s like any drug, sex, or potent desire: a natural desire, but bad decision.  It’s not worth it.  Instead, hire a peacemaking, competent and knowledgeable lawyer.

How to be happy in your marriage, your life, always

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