Domestic Violence Allegations Against Bachelor Creator Michael Fleiss

Domestic Violence Allegations Against Bachelor Creator Michael Fleiss

Yesterday, I had the distinct privilege and honor to be interviewed by Access Hollywood on the pending Domestic Violence allegations against Bachelor Creator Michael Fleiss.

Mr. Fleiss filed for divorce on July 10, 2019, LASC Case No. 19STFL08172.  As usual, in these types of nasty cases, he didn’t alert his wife, and she found out through the media, according to her Declaration In support of domestic violence against him.

Why in this age of social media do people refuse to grant each other courtesy?  How would YOU feel if your estranged husband or wife lacked decency and didn’t inform you he/she was filing for divorce?

How do you think he/she will respond when she finds out?

By filing a domestic violence restraining order against you, that’s how.

On July 16, 2019, Laura Fleiss filed a nasty declaration in LASC – it is attached for your viewing pleasure here – Laura Fleiss DVRO Dec.

In Los Angeles County, temporary restraining orders are liberally granted, based upon DECLARATION stating recent incidents of domestic violence.  This can be allegations of any sort of behavior, including physical, verbal, emotional abuse.  (Yes, emails count!)  And these can easily be obtained without any notice – you just need to allege that you were too scared to inform the other side.

What this does is that it heightens the emotional chaos to a level that is beyond repair.  In my own professional experience, most people file DVRO’s for strategy in custody, as well as to stay in the house (kick-out order).  Domestic violence restraining orders are absolutely warranted in many cases – however, it is also my experience, that if you truly need protection, you need to get the heck out of town, and HIDE.   And filing a declaration that goes public is probably going to PROVOKE the other side, thereby INCREASING your chances of being hurt.

I don’t handle DVRO’s.   People who need the protection of a restraining order should rely on better methods – not an inflammatory piece of paper which thwarts the objective.  Family law litigants are operating under a heightened level of intense emotional turmoil and DVRO’s exacerbate them.  Many declarations tend to be falsified in order to obtain a temporary custody ruling.   Attorney who handle those are also subject to more death threats, etc.

In a nutshell, it is not conducive to settlement and I stopped doing DVRO’s in 2008.

But I can still be an “TV expert” on DV – so enjoy!

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