Divorce Judgment Entered, Now What? What to Do After Divorce is Final

How not to behave in family law disputes

Divorce Judgment Entered, Now What? What to Do after Divorce is final.

Congratulations! You have received the Notice of Entry of Judgment, indicating your divorce is final.  Now what?

1. Celebrate!

It’s taken a while to get here.  Break open the Veuve Cliquot.

2. Mourn.

It’s the end of an era.  Take the time you need.

3. Keep the Divorce Judgment in a safe place.

You may need to refer to it from time to time.

4. Comply with the Judgment as to Real Estate.

Make sure the titling of the house is correct.  You may need to execute an interspousal transfer deed.  Make sure you are off the loan via refinance or spousal assumption of the loan.

5. Change your name.

If you have restored your name on the Judgment, remember to obtain a CERTIFIED copy.  The Court does not mail us certified copies.  You may order it through a reputable attorney service, such as Janney and Janney.   Take a certified copy of your Judgment to the DMV and Social Security to change your name back.  (Remember doing this after you got married?  Same thing.)  Then you must write letters to all banking institutions and other places who still use your married name to change.

6. Change your beneficiaries to comply with the Judgment.

Don’t forget life insurance, retirement accounts, banking and brokerage accounts.

7. Update your estate plan: wills, trusts, power of attorneys.

If you need a referral, please call us.

8. Change the title and registration of the vehicles.

Don’t forget boats, trailers and yachts.

9. Take the time to thank your family and friends, counsel, mediator, and God.

You needed all the support you could get – don’t take any of these for granted.

10. When it is time, maybe talk over this experience, or write about it.

You have been through hell and back, and it didn’t break you.  Now you can help people going through the same.  It’s time for Chapter 1.

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