What NOT to Do in Divorce

What Not to Do in Divorce

What NOT to Do in Divorce/Photo by Joël Super from Pexels

For what NOT to do in your divorce, see the Pitt/Jolie divorce case.

Yesterday, after years of litigating a never-ending divorce case (over 4 years now!), Angelina filed a Motion to Disqualify Judge in her case, Judge Ouderkirk.

This will of course keep the case going and going and going…

If you have the money to blow, you can spend it on lawyers.  But there is no guarantee you will win, and in this case, just because the present Judge is disqualified, doesn’t mean you’ll find another Judge who won’t rule the same way.

Below are some other No-No’s in Divorce.

Don’t Scream “Bias” When You Don’t Get Your Way

Quite honestly, we are all biased.  We all have internal judgments that affect our personal choices.  You, the reader, have already decided to like me or hate me.

Judges are not exempt from personal biases.  Sure, they take a vow to not let their personal biases get in the way.  And most of us are pretty good at it.  But, we are merely human with fallibility allows biases to get in the way.

In her filing, Angie complains Judge Ouderkirk has been hired by Brad Pitt’s lawyers on other cases.  Well, in this town, there are only a handful of celebrity lawyers and private Judges, so unless you find a new one who’s never been on any case, Angie needs to prepare to “aper” them all.  Or hire a newbie who’s never been in this inner circle of celebrity divorces.

Don’t Use Your Children as Pawns

Lots of pawning children here.   From accusing Brad Pitt of child abuse (launching an investigation and public smearing campaign – of which Brad was later cleared); to confiscating her children’s cell phones so he can’t reach them.

Angie was determined to destroy Brad by taking away the children.  Thus far, all of her efforts failed.

Great news is – they now share custody.

Keep Your Case Private

News from the underground: Your divorce details are public! 

All TMZ needs is a case number and they can retrieve your divorce documents and put all of your information on the internet, as they did here, with this custody agreement, see Jolie Pitt Order 6.6.18

Celebrities have an even more pressing need to be private.  HOW the case leaked is very suspicious.

Don’t Switch Divorce Attorneys

Jolie was previously represented by the very competent and excellent celebrity attorney Laura Wasser.  She quickly fired her.

Like trying to get rid of the Judge, switching divorce attorneys is code for “I don’t like what you’re telling me, and I’ll hire someone to do it MY way.”

Divorce Like Jen and Ben

With all the hell Jolie put Pitt through, I kinda feel bad for him.  But, instead of playing the victim, he has come out and admitted responsibility for his part of the fallout.  

These people need to learn from Ben Affleck and Jen Garner.   Everyone needs to learn How to Divorce like Jen and Ben.

Have a case like this?

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