California Summary Dissolution of Marriage

California Summary Dissolution of Marriage

California Summary Dissolution of Marriage

“Dissolution of Marriage ” is the legal term for divorce in California.  You can obtain a divorce via regular dissolution (filing and serving Petition for Dissolution) or together, Summary Dissolution.

SAT Analogy: Dissolution to Summary Dissolution

If you need an SAT analogy, a Dissolution is to Summary Dissolution as a 1040 is to a 1040EZ.

And like a 1040EZ, you would need to qualify in order to use the simplified version for your taxes.

To qualify for a Summary Dissolution, you must meet all of these:

1.  Married for less than 5 years;

2.  No children;

3.  Less than $43,000 in community assets (don’t county cars);

4.  Less than $43,000 in separate assets (don’t count cars);

5.  Less than $6,000 in community debt (don’t count cars);

6.  No one is pregnant;

7.  No one owns land or buildings.

8.  Both of you waive alimony;

9. You guys fully agree on dividing all assets;

10.  You’ve exchanged preliminary declarations of disclosures.

As you can see, these are strict requirements!  If you need more information, please click on this link on Court Summary Dissolution








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