What types of adoptions do you handle?

Our offices handles the following types of adoptions: stepparent adoptions, foster care adoptions, guardianship adoptions, adult adoptions, and private domestic infant adoptions.

Stepparent adoption is when the stepparent legally adopts their stepchild, and are relatively straightfoward if the living biological parents consent.  If they do not consent, you will need to terminate their parental rights. This process is more complicated.

Foster care adoptions is when a foster parent adopts their child. In general, the goal of foster care is always to provide a safe and stable home.  Often, the courts will try to reunify the child with their biological parent.  However, when this is not possible, foster adoption is possible.  The prospective foster parents undergo a Resource Family Approval.  Foster adoption is cost-free and an excellent option for hopeful adoptive parents.

Guardianship adoptions turn a temporary guardianship relationship into a permanent one.  Converting guardianship to adoption offers protection to both child and guardian from a biological parent’s disruption in the future.

Adult adoptions are usually done when when stepchildren turn 18 and consent from the biological parent is no longer needed.

Private domestic infant adoptions are when the birth parents choose the adoptive parents and then voluntarily place their infant for adoption with adoptive parents.  Private adoptions are usually handle by adoption agencies and attorneys.


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