Guardianship Adoptions

guardianship adoption
Guardianship Adoptions

Guardianship adoption – as a guardian, you may decide that adoption is the best option for the child you are caring for.

If so, you must take certain steps in order to make this happen.

Legal Guardian For At Least One Year

First, you need to be a legal guardian for at least a year, unless the child you are caring for is legally abandoned, in which case 6 months may be suffcient to prove abandoment.

Sometimes it’s best to wait 2 years, as at the two-year mark, you can then terminate parental rights in order to move forward with the adoption process.

File Adoption Petition

Once you have filed an adoption request with the court, the state department of social services will conduct a home study to assess your ability to provide a safe and loving home for the child. This home study will consist of interviews as well as a review of your home environment.

If the court approves your adoption request, you will be the legal parent of the child, and no longer a guardian.

Guardianship adoption