Stop Calling Everyone Narcissist

Stop Calling Everyone Narcissist

Stop Calling Everyone Narcissist/Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

I know this post will garner a lot of haters, but I just have to say it: the term “narcissist” is abused in family law.

First of all, Lawyers Aren’t Doctors or Therapists

I am not saying your ex isn’t a narcissist. He or she may totally be one.

I’m just saying:

  1. I am not capable of diagnosing it, because I am a lawyer.  Not a doctor.
  2. If one were to google “narcissist”, or “narcissistic personality disorder” (which is what some lawyers do to say they “specialize” in NPD), you’ll find a ton of information, the most relevant being…
  3. NPD only affects roughly 5% of the population.

Chances are, your ex is not a narcissist – just a jerk.  But again, I am only a lawyer.

Narcissism Doesn’t Help Your Case

And even if I also had a medical degree, labeling your ex a narcissist won’t help you much in your divorce case.

In fact, incorrectly tossing around labels will likely hurt you.

Reputable Attorneys Probably Won’t Take Your Case

Think about this logically: if you are a reputable attorney with good results and bountiful clients, would you rather take cases where the opposite side is a) easy to deal with or b) a narcissist?

Casually labeling your ex a “narcissist” will likely deter good attorneys from taking your case.

If Your Ex is a Narcissist, the Divorce Will Be Super Expensive

From what I read on the internet, narcissists are super difficult, which means your divorce will be very expensive.  Divorce attorneys charge per hour. 

Even if they are NOT a Narcissist, The Divorce Will Still Be Expensive

It’s easy for unscrupulous lawyers to drag on your divorce and blame it on your ex, because “Hey, I am dealing with a narcissist!  I need you to replenish your retainer with another $100,000.”

Be cautious of lawyers who “specialize” in narcissim.

If Your Spouse Indeed Suffers from NPD, Hire a Therapist

It appears from my research that narcissists need special hand holding before they agree to anything.

My recommendation is to find a therapist who is trained to diagnose these personality disorders and capable of dispensing advice on how to deal with NPD.

This would be much more effective than hiring a lawyer without any medical knowledge.

Are You a Narcissist? Quiz

When I was googling, I discovered that NPD is an a “spectrum”.  So, some people are more narcissist than others.

I took the quiz.  Here is the link if you’d like to take it as well.  Are You a Narcissist? Quiz

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