Lifeguard Sues County For Religious Discrimination Pride Flag

Lifeguard Sues for Pride Flag

Lifeguard Sues County For Religious Discrimination Pride Flag

God opposes the proud, but gives grace to the humble.  James 4:6

Captain Jeffrey Little

From the Complaint filed, Jeffrey Little is a “devout Christian who adheres to traditional Christian beliefs regarding the moral illicitness of same-sex activity, the immutability of sex regardless of gender identity, and the view that all people are children of God regardless of their skin color.”

Mr. Little is  a longtime Los Angeles County Fire Department lifeguard – over 22 years of service.  He now sues Los Angeles County over the policy mandating him to raise the Pride Flag is a form of religious discrimination.

Los Angeles County Policy

Last year, the LA County Board of Supervisors issued a mandate requiring many government buildings, including Will Rogers Beach, fly Progress Pride Flags during Pride Month (all of June).

Jeffrey Little’s Beliefs

Mr. Little is a Christian, and he requested a religious accommodation.  He requested that another employee raise the flag.  His requests were reasonable.  You can read them, attached to the Complaint.

He requested an exemption that he not participate in the raising of the Progress Pride Flag in accordance with the county board’s resolution.

Initially, the Los Angeles County Fire Department granted Little’s request and promised him that he would neither have to raise the Progress Pride Flag himself, nor personally ensure that the flag is raised at his station.

Then They Denied Him

Little’s religious accommodation was rescinded two days later.

Almost immediately after the accommodation was revoked, they retaliated against him.

His Division Chief even said to him:

“You are an LA County employee, that’s the only thing that matters,” and, “Your religious beliefs do not matter.”

he next day, Little was subsequently removed from his Fire Department role on the background investigation unit.  The Department then revealed to unauthorized persons that Little had requested a religious accommodation.

Death Threats

Following that disclosure, Little received a death threat that also targeted his daughters.

Praying for Captain Little to receive justice.

Lifeguard sues county for religious discrimination.


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