Divorce Mediation with Kelly Chang Rickert, Attorney Mediator

Divorce Mediation with Kelly Chang Rickert, Attorney Mediator
Divorce Mediation with Kelly Chang Rickert, Attorney Mediator
First Step to Divorce is NOT Getting a Lawyer

Most people think the first step to divorce is hiring a lawyer.  Not true.  There are alternatives to lawyering up, serving the other side (forcing them to lawyer up).

Explore Your Options!

If you are a family lawyer, you need to know what these divorce options are and explore them with your clients.  In many cases, divorce litigation is an unnecessary waste of money.  This is true even if the parties are NOT getting along and not speaking.

What is Best for Your Client?

In many cases, mediation is a better fit for a divorce/custody case.  It is more productive, more civilized and more constructive.

Litigation is Destructive; Makes a Tough Situation WORSE

Litigation is destructive, expensive, and not in anyone’s best interests – especially if children are involved.  I recently had a mediation where the couple did not speak for at least 6 months before coming to my office.  In less than 3 hours, we had reached an agreement on parenting for the holidays.

BOTH parties in private remarked, “This was a lot easier than visiting my lawyer.  I always felt WORSE whenever I spoke to my lawyer.”

I’m not some Panglossian Anne of Green Gables.  (someone foolishly optimistic).  Some cases do indeed require some litigation.  But in family law, where the other side is NOT a complete stranger, and the resources are often limited, litigation is complete destruction and waste of assets.

As a family lawyer, you have a duty to explain not only the law, but procedures for handling.  There are alternatives.

Take My Online Mediation Course

This course explains the basics of mediation  – what, why, when and HOW.  Please note this is not a mediation training seminar.   You can sign up for divorce training seminars when they are next offered – I’ll keep you posted.

Tomorrow, November 19, 2019 at 10 am PST/1pm EST.  Visit the following link to sign up.

Divorce Mediation with Kelly Chang Rickert, Attorney Mediator



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