Can I Sue My Parents For Being Born?


Can I sue my parents for being born?


According to Wikipedia, Antinatalism or anti-natalism is the ethical view that negatively values procreation.

Antinatalists argue that humans should abstain from procreation because it is morally wrong.  (They are absolutely wrong because God says in Genesis 1:28, “Be fruitful and increase in number; fill the earth and subdue it.”)

Lawsuit Based on Suffering in this World

The basis of an antinatalism lawsuit is this: the world is full of suffering, and thus parents shouldn’t bring children into this world for their pleasure.

(Once again, this is wrong.  Of course, no one likes to suffer.  But, suffering does produce good fruit.  And, many times you are brought closer to God through your suffering.  Finally, you can’t always get what you want! This is the entire point of “eating bitterness“).

Indian Man Files Lawsuit

Full story found here.

Mumbai businessman Raphael Samuel told the BBC that it’s wrong to bring children into the world because they then have to put up with lifelong suffering.

What About Consent?

Raphael Samuel understands consent can never be obtained, but the basis is there IS no consent, because “it was not our decision to be born”.

So as we didn’t ask to be born, we should be paid for the rest of our lives to live, he argues.

In Good Humor

Both his parents are lawyers and are taking this lawsuit with humor.

In a statement, his mother Kavita Karnad Samuel explained her response to “the recent upheaval my son has created”.

“I must admire my son’s temerity to want to take his parents to court knowing both of us are lawyers. And if Raphael could come up with a rational explanation as to how we could have sought his consent to be born, I will accept my fault,” she said.

Samuel Argues It’s Best to Phase Out Humanity, It Would Be Better for Planet

This, he says, would gradually phase out humanity from the Earth and that would also be so much better for the planet.

“There’s no point to humanity. So many people are suffering. If humanity is extinct, Earth and animals would be happier. They’ll certainly be better off. Also no human will then suffer. Human existence is totally pointless.”

I hope you all know this post is just poking fun.

Life is a gift, and we should all cherish it!

Honor Your Parents

“Honor your father and your mother, so that you may live long in the land the Lord your God is giving you.” Exodus 20:12


John 10:10

John 10:10

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