Kelly Chang Rickert Quoted in Star Magazine on Brangelina’s Divorce

Kelly Chang Rickert Quoted in Star Magazine on Brangelina's Divorce

The real battle, however, will be over their kids.  “If both of them are levelheaded and have the children’s best interests at heart, they would work out a physical custody-sharing plan in private,“, L.A.-based divorce attorney Kelly Chang Rickert tells Star.  “But if Angie uses Brad’s alleged child abuse against him – even though one instance of him ‘spanking’ would not make him an abuser – things can get quite nasty.  The choices they make will have lifetime consequences for their children.”


Though divorce is no walk in the park for the parties, my heart goes out to the children.  They didn’t choose to be in this situation.  Worse, all 6 of them are able to read all the horrendous stories on the internet about their parents, which surfaced from a 3-page FORM Petition filed by Angelina Jolie.

Truth is, CUSTODY isn’t a prize to be won.  When you have co-parented 6 children over 12 years, it is ridiculous for anyone to consider that the children will suddenly lose one parent.  What Angie and Brad needs most are help from MHP’s who will help them form a parenting plan that will succeed for the entire family.



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