COVID-19 Update: General Orders & Anecdotal Info re Court Filings

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COVID-19 Update: General Orders & Anecdotal Info re Court Filings

Dear LA Standing Committee Members:


I hope that you are all doing well in this difficult time and as things are evolving regularly.


In an effort to keep you updated, please find attached the court’s general orders.  March 17, 2020 is the controlling order and the March 19, 2020 general order supplements it, in the most notable part, March 19 removes Contempts where custody is at issue as an essential function of the court.

March 17 Order: 2020-GEN-004-00AdministrativeOrderofPJreCOVID-19-031720

March 19 Order: 2020-GEN-005-00AdministrativeOrderofPJreCOVID-19-031920

In terms of filing, as an anecdotal note, we use Janney & Janney.  They were able to get through to the courts to file documents today, but noted that they’re playing it day by day there. Their runners aren’t guaranteed access to the courthouse but they’ve been trying everyday to get things conformed. They said basically every filing is expected to be delayed.  So, I would suggest to everyone to plan ahead if you have some tight filing deadlines.


If anyone was at court today, please message me as I would like to know how the court is handling matters so I can update our committee members.


If you have any thoughts, comments, or want to discuss any items, please feel free to contact me via e-mail at or via phone at 310-820-3500.


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