Title IX Revised Bye Bye Womens Rights

Title IX Womens Rights

Title IX Revised Bye Bye Womens Rights

Protecting Women’s Rights

In 1972 (52 years ago), Title IX was enacted to protect women against discrimination in education.

Erasing Women’s Rights

Today, the Biden Administration rolled out the newly revised Title IX, which includes “gender identity” as a protected status.  The revisions prohibit disparate treatment based on sex identity.   Oppoents of the revisions say this will permit locker rooms and bathrooms to be based on gender identity

Basically, the rights of those who pretend to be women will be elevated over women.

Due Process

The new revisions also rip away due process from students accused of sexual misconduct by changing the method of investigation and burden of proof.

Free Speech

Revisions also affect our freedom of speech, as the new rule may be interpreted to be mandatory to use preferred pronouns.

Abuse of Power

This is a total abuse of power, and there shall be lawsuits challenging.

Read it yourself.

Brief Overview of Key Provisions of the Department of Education’s 2024 Title IX Final Rule


Title IX Revised Bye Bye Womens Rights

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