Andy Grammer Saves Marriage: “BE OF SERVICE to your spouse”

Andy Grammer Saves Marriage: "BE OF SERVICE to your spouse"

Andy Grammer Saves Marriage: BE OF SERVICE to your spouse.  This morning, and every morning, on my way to work, I listen to KOST 103.5.  Today, some man told Ellen K that his marriage of 18 years has “grown cold”.

Andy Grammer – the excellent singer who taught us how to stave off temptation in his music video, “Honey, I’m Good” gave the guy this advice, “Be of service to your spouse, and see what happens.”

Every day, I get dozens of emails and phone calls from people who basically, are unhappy with their spouse because their spouse isn’t doing something.  And no, I am not talking about the spouses who went on and had babies with other people.  Sorry, that’s beyond salvageable for me.  Others can live through it because of financial reasons.  Let’s face it, some people marry for financial stability.  If this is you and you stayed with your spouse though they had another family – I’m all for you.  After all, it’s all tolerance and personal preference – no judgment here!

But I am speaking of the complaints like, “She doesn’t ever had sex with me.”  “He never brings me flowers”.  “She doesn’t cook for me.”  “He doesn’t post nice stuff on Facebook about me.”  COMPLAINTS LIKE THESE IS NOT A GOOD REASON FOR DIVORCE!!!

Neither is, “We fight all the time and it’s so painful.”

Stop it.

Let’s talk about how to AVOID divorce.  Andy Grammer said this: “Be of service to your spouse.”  I love that.  what does that mean?  I think it means, whenever you’re down in the dumps for something you don’t have, you perk right up and counting your blessings for the things you DO have. And you SERVE your spouse.  Because chances are, if you have complaints, your spouse also has some about you.

Common complaints:

He doesn’t help around the house.  She doesn’t give me sex.  She doesn’t cook for me.  He doesn’t cook for me.  He doesn’t clean.  She is a slob.  She doesn’t help with the kids.  He doesn’t help with the kids.

Honestly, no relationship will survive without food and sex.  So please step it up and stay out of my office.


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