Great. I want a prenup. How much do you charge?

Please note that BOTH sides must have an attorney, so I am only quoting what my firm charges.

Drafting a Prenup

If you are hiring us to prepare your prenuptial agreement, we charge a flat rate of $3,500.  The flat fee pays for the completed first draft of the prenup and up to 2 hours of advice and counseling before and after the prenup.

Additional revisions and edits submitted by your fiance’s attorney, telephone calls and emails are then billed at $500/hour.   Typically, a finished prenup with very little revision costs approximately $5,000.

If your prenup is complicated and requires over 5 hours of negotiations and revisions, you will pay over $10,000+.  Please note this fee does not include execution of the prenup.  If you wish to have a signing session, you will pay an additional $500 plus travel time ($500/hour), costs and expenses.

Reviewing a Prenup

If you have been presented with a prenuptial agreement drafted by an attorney representing your fiancé/fiancee, we charge a flat fee of $3,500 to advice and consult with you on the PMA, up to 2 hours.  Edits and revisions are billed at $500 per hour.

If the wedding date is LESS than 45 days away from the day you hire us, there is an additional rush fee of $1,000.  The rush fee pays for delivery of the first draft of the PMA within 5 business days.  It does not guarantee completion of the PMA, as that depends on circumstances dictated by you and your fiancé, as well as your fiance’s attorney.  To check if the rush fee applies, visit , click on the date of your wedding, and type in -45.

If your wedding is LESS than 25 days away, we regret we cannot represent you.  To check if we can represent you,  visit , click on the date of your wedding, and type in -25.

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