Do we need lawyers to get a divorce?

It depends on who you are.  Are you two in agreement as to the all the issues of your separation? Are you a dependable DIY person?

If so, definitely.  There is a wealth of information on the internet (and on our site!), and if you are in agreement, it is entirely possible to reach a settlement agreement, draft it up and submit to the court.  We can also prepare these documents for you for a flat fee, listed here.

If you two disagree on many things, but at least are in agreement that mediation is the best,  I recommend that you call our office and schedule the free mediation orientation.  I promise you that discussing your problems with a mediator in the privacy of my office will be far more cost-effective (and productive) than immediately lawyering up!

If you have a contested divorce (especially issues regarding custody or property division), I would recommend that you seek a Certified Family Law Specialist attorney to advise you on your options regarding the divorce.  There are several options, and you can read about it here.

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