Anthony Mohammed

Initially I thought I could handle my divorce without the use of a lawyer, but after one year I realize I was wrong when a lawyer from my former spouse contacted me. So I started my research for a lawyer in California from my tent in the desert of Kuwait. This is when I came upon Kelly Chang Rickert and her firm. Kelly took my case and immediately set sail to make my life easier. Kelly and Veronica worked with me in every way possible while handling my case with me being oversees the entire time. I never had to make a physical court appearance and was only committed to two phone calls: conference call with both lawyers and former spouse; conference call with the judge. Overall it was a long journey to get to this point, which is “Happily Divorced”. I highly recommend “The Law Offices of Kelly Chang Rickert” to anyone especially military service members. Kelly and Veronica, “wow” what a team to be recon with. I do feel sorry for other family lawyers. Kelly and Veronica, I thank you for your dedication and professionalism during this entire period and for all you do!!