Social Media During Divorce

Social Media During Divorce

Social Media During Divorce/Photo by Kerde Severin from Pexels

If you are going through a divorce, think 3 times before you post on social media.  Actually no.  Make that 300 times.

Delicate state of mind

Unless you’re one of the lucky ones for whom divorce doesn’t take a toll, you will be in a fragile state of mind.  Your ex will inevitably make you mad about something or other.

It’s never a good idea to take to social media when in a delicate state of mind.

If You MUST Post, Remember Two Things
Social media is public.

Even if your account is “set to private”, your friends can see it.  And share it.

Social media is also forever.

How many times have you seen a “deleted” post go viral?  Once it’s out there, it’s BEYOND the realm of temporary. It’s forever.

Never Post Nudes of Yourself or Ex

Revenge porn is a crime!

California’s “revenge porn law” is codified in California Penal Code section 653.2. and California Penal Code 647 (j).

It is a crime (a misdemeanor) to post, share or distribute nude or illicit photos of someone without their consent. If you are convicted of this crime, the penalties for a first offense are up to 6 months in jail and/or up to $1,000 fine.

Revenge porn is also a form of domestic violence. 

Never Badmouth Your Ex

Especially in a custody battle!  Your friends, family, and Courts will see it as Exhibit A.

And far, far worse: Your children will see it one day, because all divorce filings are PUBLIC.

Never Post Anything That Relates to Money

Alleging you can’t pay alimony?  Or your attorneys?   The pictures of youn lounging on your yacht in the Caribbean tells the world  (and the people you told you were broke) that you are LYING.  And they can absolutely be used against you in Court, or worse, the public opinion.

Never Post About Your Children

Photos posted during divorce are commonly always used in custody battles.  Don’t believe me?  Go sit in family court and be a spectator.

Also, people, you should be very careful about posting photos of your children anyway, given the amount of bad people out there.

Think Once Before You Email, Twice Before you Text and Three Times Before You Post
Social Media During Divorce
Social Media During Divorce

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