Love in the Time of COVID

Love during Covid-19

Love in the Time of COVID

Coronavirus and Divorce rates?


I’ve been seeing lots of images such as this on social media.  Personally, I think the predicted increase in divorce is anecdotal.  I personally don’t see it happening.  If your marriage is going to end during the pandemic, my belief is that there were issues to begin with.

Which means you can either use this time to FIX your problems, or throw in the towel.

Spending Too Much Time Together

There is nothing wrong with spending time together, with the exception of domestic violence.  If you are a victim of abuse, you need to take your children and GET OUT.

For the rest of us, if you find your spouse irritating you due to habits, you can sit down and talk about it rather than hold it in and explode.


The number 1 cause of divorces isn’t infidelity.  Or money.  Or marriage!  It is lack of communication.  I firmly believe in the sanctity of communication.

A LOT OF US ARE NOT GOOD AT THIS.  Now is the time to explore a different method of communication.  Seek assistance if you need it.

Increased fighting?  Yes.  Increased Divorce?  Not Necessarily.

With a pandemic going on, and thousands unemployed, and looters, rioters, Governments, children out of school – there is a WHOLE OF OF STRESS OUT THERE.

Obviously stress causes fighting, and since you’re stuck at home – FIGHTS ARE BOUND TO HAPPEN.

Fighting does not necessarily mean divorce.

What to Do?

Work it out.  Spend time with the children.  Whatever issues you have (other than abuse, addiction or adultery), other people have it greater.

Love in the Time of COVID

Today, 40% of first marriages end in divorce (second and third marriages even greater rate).  Marriage is still a lifetime commitment.  Please take this time to work on your marriage.  If your marriage is tough, divorce is way, way way tougher.



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