I hired Kelly Chang after checking with various attorney-referral services and scrutinizing the backgrounds of numerous practitioners, especially those purporting to be “unlawful detainer specialists.” After she promptly responded to me and I had a chance to interview her, I decided to hire her in connection with what I thought would be a routine unlawful detainer action. Little did we know that it would be anything but a routine and probably uncontested eviction case. Without going into all the gory details, suffice it to say that she was able to achieve a very satisfactory settlement in this highly-contested case. Throughout our relationship, I found her to be (A) an excellent communicator, promptly getting back to me in response to my questions and explaining the law as it applied to my case in clear, easily-understood terms, (B) very competent, coming up with good pleadings and solid legal support for our positions, (C) compassionate and understanding, yet professional, and (D) effective in representing client interests.In short, she gave great value and relieved the end-client (an elderly landlady for whom I worked) from a great of stress and anxiety. She joins me in expressing thanks and appreciation for a job well done in this specific case, and for being a living example of what a good lawyer
should be. We wish there more attorneys like Kelly Chang. I have no hesitation in recommending her to others in need of her professional skills.