Lennox W

When you’re looking for an attorney in your family law case, you are in an extremely vulnerable position. I met with several lawyers trying to find the right fit for my custody case and am extremely happy and grateful that I made the right decision of hiring Kelly Chang Rickert.

Kelly was smart, organized, and trustworthy throughout the process. She always advised me honestly about the best way to proceed and I found her to be a completely invaluable ally. She also saved me money by advising me wisely about which courses of action would be too expensive to be worthwhile.  The billing for her services was understandable and straightforward, as opposed to many stories that I’ve heard about other firms.

Kelly handled my case personally and I truly felt that she was on my side. She always came to court prepared, and found time to get in touch immediately whenever I had a question. A lot of attorneys might try to give an overly rosy outlook but Kelly was always realistic about what to expect in court and how best to proceed. I can’t imagine having gone through the process with anyone else. My judgment has now been entered and I feel extremely fortunate to have had Kelly in my corner from start to finish.