Frequently Asked Questions About Family Law

FAQ ‘s: Here I have compiled a list of questions that people often ask me.

Remember, there is no such thing as a dumb question. If you don’t know something, ask!

I update this list frequently, so if you have a question, please submit it here. I guarantee someone out there has the same question.

Remember, any information on my website or blog in NO WAY should be construed as legal advice. If you need legal advice, please schedule a consult.

    In addition, you may find information on my frequently updated BLOG helpful.

    Kelly’s hourly rate is $700.  We work with paralegals and contract attorneys whose hourly rates range between $350-$500. We do not currently offer free consultations. When you call our office, our staff will answer all questions you have about procedure and pricing.   They will also send you an Intake Form.  Completing this form and sending it back is the first step to working with us.   We want your paid consultation to be as productive as possible, so it’s imperative we gather all biographical information prior to the meeting, so the meeting can be spent on legal advice. From the information you provide, we also run a conflict check to ensure that your ex has not already consulted with us.  In a divorce, you and your ex’s interests are in direct conflict with each other.  Lawyers are not allowed to give advice to both sides. Finally,  I will never “get on the phone” for “one quick question”.  Family law is extremely personal and cannot be a “quick answer”.  No reputable lawyer will risk liability, malpractice insurance, and reputation to give a random stranger a “quick answer.”  It is unproductive and useless. We are living in the age of information technology, and if you want general information, try Google! Also, I spend a lot of time writing blogs and articles which cover a variety of Family Law issues for your benefit.  (Please note, however, everything you read on this site is general information only.   Never construe anything you read on the internet as legal advice.) If you want individualspecific and useful legal advice, you must schedule time with a lawyer, and pay.