Frequently Asked Questions About Family Law

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    Property Division - Top 5 Questions

    Yes, if it was purchased during the marriage.  Under California community property law, anything purchased during the marriage is community property, even if it’s only in one spouse’s name.

    Again, anything purchased during the marriage is community property. However, if you can trace the downpayment to separate property, you may be able to get the downpayment reimbursed.  Please speak with your attorney.


    California law allows transmutations of property between spouses. However, there will be a presumption of “undue influence.”

    If your spouse can prove that he or she was under duress, and did not sign of their own free will, the transmutation will not be valid. In addition, the deed must be very clear and contain specific, unambiguous language establishing the separate nature of the property.

    Please speak with your attorney.

    Unless you have a prenup, yes, you are responsible for joint debt acquired during the marriage. Same with community property, community debt is debt acquired during the marriage.

    Community property is not fair.  I strongly recommend getting a prenup before marriage.

    If you are already married, it’s too late for a prenup. However, you may consult your attorney about the possibility of obtaining a postnuptial agreement.  See FAQ above for prenups.