Family Lawyering MCLE

Family Lawyering MCLE

Provider Number: 19598

Educational Activity Approved: Family Lawyering
Total Credit Hours Approved = 1.50, including the following subfield credits
.00 = Ethics Hours
.00 = Substance Abuse/Mental Illness Hours
.00 = Bias Hours

An introduction to Family Law: This course is intended for lawyers who want to practice Family Law.  There are many misconceptions on substantive and procedure.  I want to breed a new population of good family lawyers, which will help relieve the courts and better society.

1.  Family Law: What is it?

A.  Area of Law that governs marriage (prenups) and then breakdowns of family.

B.  Issues: Child Custody and Visitation, Child Support, Spousal Support, Property Division, Domestic Violence.

2.  Family Law is fundamentally Unfair.

A.  Courts and lawyers meddling in people’s unresolved PERSONAL issues.

B.  Children are true victims.

3.  Offer Solutions, Not Problems.

A. Clients seek attorneys in their desperate times because they are afraid.

B. Attorneys should educate and inform, but NOT prey on paranoia.

4.  Alternatives to Litigation

A. Litigation

B. Mediation

C. Collaborative Law.

5.  Law

A. Custody and Visitation (Co-Parenting)

B. Child Support

C. Spousal Support

D. Property Division

E. Domestic Violence

6.  Family Law Myths and Family Lawyer’s Role

A. Paying to WIN Custody

B.  Paying to CHANGE law

C. Family Lawyer’s Role

7.  Psychological Issues

A. True victims v. self-victims

B. Boundaries

8. Procedures

A. Fee Agreements

B. Expectations

C. Samples