International Women’s Day

International Women's Day

International Women’s Day

I am a proud girl mom: I was blessed with two little girls.  Lord knows that I, like every other mom on this planet, will do anything to protect them and guide them.  But I also know, like every other mom on this planet, I am just learning as I go.

On this International Women’s Day, I compiled a list of what I thought was the best life advice to me, as a woman. Enjoy!

Just say no.

It is perfectly acceptable to say no, firmly and without guilt.

You can’t be everything to everyone at the same time.

It is ok to take time off of work.   Vacation is good for your soul and brain.  Professional burnout harms your clients as much as it harms you and your family.   Turn off your emails when you get home.  NEVER give out your cell to clients.

No one expects you to cook 3 meals a day.  If you do, do it from your heart, not out of societal expectations. In the same vein, don’t expect gratitude from others for the choices you made for them.

You can have it all, but you may need to sacrifice some things.

Freedom always comes at a price.  Having a family doesn’t necessarily impede your freedom, but family brings joyful duties that singledom is free of.

Likewise, singledom has plights not enjoyed by those with families.

A man is not a financial plan.

One of the first lessons I was taught: never depend on anyone!  Treasure your talents and use them wisely.  Money comes with hidden ties – you are never truly free if you don’t have your own way of supporting yourself.

Trying to be man is a waste of a woman.

This was originally Coco Chanel’s quote.  Women rule!  Don’t try to be a man.  Be God-fearing, kind and gentle.  Speak wisdom.

Be authentic.

Society’s expectations, the lies they spin – all change with time. But who you are, that doesn’t.  Be honest and true to yourself.

Never halfass

Pursue your dreams and goals with vigor, and never let the possibility of rejection cause you to retract or do an incomplete job.

Be your own hero.

Don’t expect someone to rescue you.  And be the heroine of your story, never the victim.

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